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About the Author

My name is Ashley Hendricks and I have begun an expedition to educate the masses on how to properly use the Web 2.0 technology that is WordPress.com.  I am currently seeking my Master’s degree at Colorado State University-Global in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement with the specialization in Organizational Learning and Performance.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in History with a minor in Criminal Justice from American Military University.  I was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska and am excited to begin this journey.  With this specialization I hope to broaden not only my own horizons, but those around me on the benefits of education and technology.  My goal is to educate myself on learning technologies and bring what I have learned to my job and to anyone who wants to learn about learning.  This blog is the beginning of that horizon!

WordPress, A Web 2.0 Technology

WordPress is a Web 2.0 technology that offers a wide range of versatility.  WordPress can be a blogging site or a website, offering vast themes and options for users.  So why use it?  WordPress sites are viewed by 409 million people, looking at  15.5 billion pages each month (WordPress, 2015)!  WordPress is worldwide, is easy to use, and offers the reader the ability to provide comments, sharing ideas, and sharing input!  Blogging is much similar to an online diary, the author can post their personal thoughts and ideas, link to outside resources and references and then allow for responses and comments (Olofsson, Lindberg, & Trond, 2011).  WordPress’s personalization options lead to reflective learning, where the authors personal thoughts and experiences allow the reader to relate and retain the information and place themselves in those same situations.

Who is WordPress for?

Anyone!  WordPress possesses an ease of use that can be used by anyone.  Experience in technology is not a necessity.  It can be used by professional organizations, subject-matter experts, educators, or just individuals who want to share their word and opinions with the world!  Businesses can use it to keep in contact with their customers or to advertise new and upcoming products.  Educators will find it useful for staying in contact with their students in ways that the traditional or online classroom may not offer.  The key is ensuring the site is useful, intuitive, and kept active (Liao, To, & Liu, 2013).  WordPress is currently used by both large and small companies, educators, technology gurus, and everyday individuals.  Notable companies that use WordPress include The New Yorker, BBC America, Harvard Business Review Blogs, the Dallas Mavericks, and The Rolling Stones (wpbeginner, 2014).

Using it now!

Selecting WordPress to spread the word on Web 2.0 technology and on WordPress itself is the best method for reaching everyone and showing the vast abilities of WordPress!  By using it to show what it can do, potential users can visualize their own blogs and own sites.  One of the best ways to get the word out about everything is through the internet and more specifically a blog.  WordPress is free with several features, as this blog has been created and will show.  Or for a yearly fee, additional features can be added for a wider range of options and personalization.


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